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Mount Vernon is anything but ordinary. Yes, at our heart we are a production company that delivers top-notch commercials and video content for our clients. But that’s where typical ends.


We also bring two decades of storytelling and production know-how into building transportive “photo-moment” installations for brands and events. Then we take that interactive real-world experience back with us, as we create even more immersive, vibrant content for screens of all kinds.

We are inventive but practical. Your budget and ideas become our spark to get collaborative, creative and strategic. We let our imaginations run wild, then devise the best way to bring that shared vision to life. We’re serious about execution, but we also know that the only way to deliver awe and joy to your customers is to find the fun in that process.

We are proud to have such fancy brands as customers and partners.

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Tavola disegno 1 copia 16.png
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Tavola disegno 1 copia 13.png
Tavola disegno 1 copia 11.png
Tavola disegno 1 copia 7.png
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Ken Franchi

Partner | Executive Producer

Hillary Franchi

Partner | Producer

Paul Moyle

Designer & Fabrication


Hillary Gurtler

Lead Designer

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